Selected Bibliography

philbooksAcademic Publications
Phil Legard: Inner-Sense and Experience: Drone Music, Esotericism and the Hieroeidetic Field (2017), Sustain//Decay, Void Front Press.

Phil Legard: The Bright Sound Behind the Sound: Real-World Music, Symbolic Discourse and the Foregrounding of Imagination (2016), Interference, Vol. 5.

Nigel Morgan, Phil Legard: Parametric Composition: Computer-Assisted Strategies for Human Performance (2015), Tonality Systems Press

Phil Legard, Nigel Morgan, Alice Fox, Matt Robinson: Music and Textiles Interact (2010), Craft Research Journal, Vol. 1

Phil Legard, Nigel Morgan: Re-conceptualising Performance with Active Notation (2007), Proceedings of ICCMR

Poetry and Libretti
Black Venus and Wise Hermes: The Poetry of Enchantment and Initiation, in Mandragora (2012), Scarlet Imprint

Sounding the Deep libretto (2012) for orchestra and bass voice, with Nigel Morgan

Cariad (2010), Larkfall Press

Other Publications
An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke (2020). Scarlet Imprint.

The Cunning-Folk’s Chrismon? Reginald Scot’s Eight-Armed Seals in The Enquiring Eye, issue 2.

‘Grotto Grove and Shrine: Recollections on Music-Making and Numinous Experience in Nature’ in Folk Horror Revival: Harvest Hymns

The Haunted Fields of England: Diabolical Landscapes and the Genii Locorum in Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies.

For Learning, Not for Show: Esoteric Books from the Coil Estate in The Golden Age of Bloodsports: The Collected Words, Lyrics and Performed Songs of Jhonn Balance (2014-15), Barrington Arts [pdf] [ archived copy]

Visions of Æon: The Language of the Gods and the Clairvoyance of Nature in Eyelids of Dawn #3 (2014), Rhesus Distribution [info] [ archived copy]

Only the Pulsing Void, Wyrd Daze #1

Psychogeographia Ruralis (2007-2012) Larkfall Press/Canard Sauvage

The Mirror of Elicona (2012), Hadean Press

The Magic of the Tuba Veneris (2011) in Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacrer, Trident Books

The Cult of the Ku, with Andy Sharp (2011) in Strange Attractor Journal, Volume 4

Almias (2010), with Simon Bradley and Layla Smith.

Abital (2009), Larkfall Press/Memoirs of an Aesthete [Download with music]

Online Interviews
Hawthonn (with Russel Cuzner in The Quietus)

Wyrd Daze Interview (with Leigh Wright)

Axis Mundi, Genii Locorum, Etcetera: Conversation with Phil Legard (by Iona Smith, in A Latento 3)

Xenis Emputae Travelling Band’s “Idiosyncratically English Works of Magic” (by Kevin Moist)

Interview with Phil Legard (by Oscar Strik)

Psychogeographic Ether-Folk (by Bart de Paepe)

Foxy Digitalis interview (by Brad Rose)

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