Psychogeographia Ruralis

Currently Psychogeographia Ruralis is in the third edition – this time round as a print on demand book with photographs by Layla Smith. You can order a copy here – it looks quite good in the flesh as I hope the photos on the left prove!

A fourth, much revised and expanded edition is hoped for and publishers are being sought – get in touch if interested.

The second edition was released in 2010 by NothingOutThere as a limited hand-bound book with an envelope of ‘psychogeographs’ and a 3″ CD of music. This has since sold out.

The first edition was published by Larkfall Press in 2008, each copy accompanied by a unique ‘psychogeograph’.

You can preview the third edition of Psychogeographia Ruralis here, or order the hardcopy here.

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