Copying, Part Production & Editing
I’ve been a freelance copyist and editor for almost ten years, chiefly working for Tonality Systems Press.

A few examples that I am particularly fond of:
Nigel Morgan: Sounding the Deep, for Bass Voice and Orchestra [pdf]
Nigel Morgan: Blaze, for Percussion [pdf]
Alexis Kirke: Chromium II, for Guitar [pdf]

Personal Scores


A selection of my own scores can be downloaded below:

The Horizon of Eternity, for Wind(s) and String(s) [pdf]
Hocroel, for Three Wind Instruments [pdf]
Ten Meditative Fragments, for Solo Melody Instrument [pdf]
Perpetual Light, for Keyboard Instrument and optional Strings [pdf]
Orphic Prayer, for Voces Magicae and Percussion [pdf]
The Great Chord , for Electronic Sound, Harmonium and Wind Instruments [pdf]

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