I meant to write an update around the turn of the year, but for some reason felt I had little to talk about. It turns out I overlooked a few things that I should write about here.

It was a great honour to be given money for a commission from The Quietus and Aerial Festival to produce some work loosely responding to Wordsworth’s The Prelude. We used this as an opportunity to continue our work with the Corpse Way (mentioned previously here and here). You can listen to our work below, and also read about our processes in this PDF.

The Quietus has been very kind to us since Layla and put out our first Hawthonn album in 2015 – and I realise that I never shared the episode of the Radio 4 series New Weird Britain where we feature alongside Richard Skelton and Gazelle Twin. So, here we go: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0006132

The big news in Hawthonn land is that we are 99% finished on our new album!!! Now it is just mastering, a title, artwork, and all that stuff that needs to be sorted!

I also appeared on Conner Habib’s Against Everyone podcast – this was the first solo podcast I had done for around ten years, but I think it went ok – show notes can be found here.

I’m also very pleased by the reception of An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke, published by Scarlet Imprint. It was wonderful to read not one, but two reviews on Paralibrum by Frater Acher and Craig ‘Vi’ Slee! Paperback and hardback versions are still available – this was a major labour of love, so it is great to see it out in the world and being so well received!