It seems like life has been busier than usual since the lockdown started: a few weeks manically creating video content for the courses I teach, supporting students in a wide range of situations, and – of course – marking, childcare, and going on loooong sanity-saving circular walks, have taken up a bulk of the time. However, there have been a few creative moments and a few snatches of PhD study, and even attendance at an online conference. Once I’m a little further down the PhD path I’ll write something about it here, I’m sure!

Hide and seek with a squirrel during one such long walk.

However, it’s been remiss of me not to make an announcement here about An Excellent Booke of the Arte of Magicke, which I wrote about a long time ago elsewhere on this blog. This book has had a pretty long, tortuous history, and I am very grateful to Al Cummins for his interest in the material I shared with him years back, and his collaboration and encouragement in bringing the project from a modest 100 pages, to the 368 page tome we now have. Of course, Scarlet Imprint have also been amazing, and I have nothing but praise for their vision for the book’s presentation, as well as the professional and thorough editing they gave to the work. It’s really been incredible to see this come together – especially the beautiful fine edition, as well as the high quality of the facsimile text (- and it is something of a rarity to publications with full facsimiles of British Library manuscripts of this nature). Anyway, go here if you are interested in either the hardback or the paperback versions, which are still available! Here’s also a little peek at the fine edition (72 exemplars, now sold out):

On the Hawthonn front, we released a ‘single’, with profits going to BLM-related causes (bail bond funds, community groups etc). It comprises of a cover of Enya’s I Want Tomorrow, as well as a demo for a new track from our work-in-progress-and-currently-untitled third album! Listen/purchase below:

There are also videos for these tracks, which were included in the No-Audience Underground-centric Heinous Whining gigs a few weeks back, starting at around 3:08:35:

We’ve also continued on a project with our friend Borehole, which has been exploring the ‘Old Corpse Way’ near Adel Church, Leeds. This was the topic of the Meadow Mediumship article recently posted, and – after hitting a creative block – we finally managed to get things moving again in tandem with writing a pamphlet on the topic for Goldsmith’s Fringe and Underground Music Group. The pamphlet will be a limited edition risograph, so keep an eye on the usual social medias over the next few months…