I’ve just released Hesperian Garden, a 28-minute EP comprised of recordings I made in preparation for Listen to the Voice of Fire back at the start of March. You can listen and download at my Bandcamp page (- and I’ve also added an option to download all Bandcamp releases in one fell swoop for £14!).

Two tracks (Thresholds I and II) are based on principles of whole ratio tuning, inspired by Pythagorean and Boethian speculative music theory. The other two tracks, Gardens I and II, are inspired by my study of John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica as an acoustic object. The various compositional approaches are explained in the 16-pages of handwritten liner notes that accompany the release. Below are a couple of example images – but theories and speculations aside, I hope that you also find the music compelling.

ALSO, the next Hawthonn album is complete, mastered and has been enthusiastically hailed by a label that we are delighted to be working with. We can honestly say that it is the best thing we have done thus far… although we have yet to name it or decide on cover art, but these things will come!