I’m pleased to say that the eponymous Hawthonn album is now available to download as a limited digital edition.

The first 72 copies include the Hawthonn album, plus:

* Four additional ‘holophone’ tracks: more than an hour of extra musick

* 32-page Hawthonn journal

* Full size cover artwork

* Personalised, numbered certificate (emailed separately within three working days)

Once sold out, the album will revert to an unlimited edition featuring album tracks and cover art only.

Listen & download here.

I’d also like to say that I’ve recently been enjoying Ben Chasny’s book The Hexadic System rather a lot, since it appeals to a lot of my wider interests in speculative music, atonality/new tonality, ars combinatoria and so on. I’m hoping to write in greater detail about it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Ben has begun to put together a series of pages to support the book, and you can also listen to some experiments that I’ve composed/recorded using ideas derived from the system.