This semester has been rather hectic, so it almost feels like a bit of a break to be going to present a paper at the Alchemical Landscape symposium next week, hosted by the Cambridge University Counterculture Research Group. I’ll post the paper to my profile next week.


I was also working on a paper about Coil for the Dark Sound conference at Falmouth in April. Unfortunately I’ve had to withdraw from the conference due to personal circumstances, but I will continue to work on the paper for a future presentation or publication. One positive thing, though, is that a short piece about Jhonn Balance’s book-collection will appear in the third (and printed) edition of Phil Barrington‘s monolithic compendium of Balance lyrics and writings, The Golden Age of Blood Sports [pdf of the second edition here].


The Hawthonn album has been mastered by Benny Reibel and a few demos are circulating around various parties… we’ll see what happens there… Benny also went to Mexico recently and brought me back a death whistle, so here’s some pleasant music to tide you over until next time! 😉