The Saltiare Arts Trail 2013 app is live! I’ve been working on this over the last few weeks, alongside the inevitable end-of-semester crunch, and I’m rather pleased with how things have turned out. The app was commissioned with funds from Saltaire Inspired and the Arts Council Grants for the Arts scheme, and is part of what I hope will be a two-year project for Tonality Systems Press. This year implemented a basic framework and suggests a workflow for future use of the app. Next year will, I hope, be more ambitious: collaborating with Saltaire residents and artists, along with composer Nigel Morgan, on a locative soundscape composition to accompany the festival.

Meanwhile, you can get the app for iPhone and Android via the Saltaire Arts Trail website.

There are some fantastic artists involved in the festival, which runs from the 25 to 27th of this month – my favourites being Nicola Taylor‘s folklore-influence photography, the paintings of artist and archaeometallurgist David Starley and the prints of Joy Godfrey and James Bywood (including his screenprint of one of my favourite haunts: Almscliffe Crag!)