Hectic times are upon me this month, with three conference sessions on the horizon in the next few weeks… So, part four of The New Speculative Music  is going to have to wait until mid-March, unless the Muses suddenly take hold of my keyboard.


Angelystor at Hartshead.

What’s coming up? I’ll be at the Six Eight Kafé on the 24th of February talking as part of Birmingham’s Network Music Festival. I’ll be doing two sessions: one with Nigel Morgan on Active Notation, and one on my own about locative media.

The week after I’ll be at the opening of the Uncanny Landscapes conference at Royal Holloway University, doing an artists talk called Music, Magic and Metaxy.

To save a bit of space here, you can read abstracts on my presentations page.

The Angelystor application is coming along nicely in advance of these dates. It needs a bit of polishing up, but writing it has been a very useful exercise. Last week, Layla and I went out to test it at St. Peter’s Church in Hartshead, which itself shares a very similar legend to that of Angelystor.

St. Peter’s Church, Hartshead.