So, with the holiday over, work on LOAM can resume. Or rather, be slotted in around marking, preparing for the next semester, writing documentation for a new-and-terribly-exciting-piece-of-composition-software (more on this later, non-disclosure agreements permitting!) and all the usual stuff that goes on here.

Two public prototypes using small areas of the LOAM function set are currently available. These are geolocative audio applications for Android mobiles:

Almias – An experimental soundscape situated on Almscliffe Crag, North Yorkshire.

Holbeck Audio Walk – A locative rendition of Simon Bradley’s MA on the oral history of Holbeck, Leeds.

Almias (Credit: Layla Smith)

Almias (Credit: Layla Legard)

There are some final bits of functionality to be implemented before I can think about encapsulating everything for a public launch of the complete LOAM platform. One of these is the ‘dislocator’, which will enable experiences to be ‘retopologised’ from one place to another. A prototype ‘dislocative media’ application will be released in February, although I’m hesitant to say exactly what it will involve – I hope it is a surprise!

If anyone in the area wishes to take Almias or Holbeck Audio Walk for a wander, then I would love to have feedback about your experience and the functionality/stability of the prototype works. Email: phil (at) larkfall (dot) co (dot) uk.

Happy trails!