Leila Waddell is best known for being one of Aleister Crowley’s muses, although she was an incredibly talented artist in her own right as a musician, composer and author.

The score for her solo violin work, Thelema: A Tone Testament, was originally published in Crowley’s journal The Equinox, vol.1, no. 8 (Autumn 1912).I originally posted a digital realisation of this piece on my old blog in 2009, but held off releasing the newly typeset and edited version of the score. I’ve decided to make it public and it is available to browse or download on Issuu (- click the link to get it!).

A note if you decide to download and print the score: the score should start on the left-hand page. It could therefore be printed out onto either both sides, or two sheets, of A3. The fermata at the start of p.4 should allow time to turn. If I get time over the next few weeks I will add cover pages and so on to allow booklet printing.

If you don’t read music or play violin then you can still listen to my realisation of the score below!