Wow, it’s taken some time! First there were server and streaming issues, then a chronic lack of time as the first semester of teaching kicked in, but it’s here – the Holbeck Audio Walk app for Android! Click here to visit the Google Play store page!

This is the third prototype app using isolated elements of the LOAM plaform which I am currently developing. It uses the text and audio from Simon Bradley’s original 2010 Holbeck Audio Walk. This app only demonstrates what I call the the ‘guidance’ or ‘non-diegetic’ layer of LOAM. Embedded/diegetic layers have already been tested in the Almias app.

Due to continuing chronic time constraints I’ve not had a chance to do any comprehensive testing ‘in the field’. I’d appreciate it if any Leodensians/Loiners who might read this could download it (it’s a tiny 44kb file) and test it by going to the canal bridge on Wharf Approach and giving it a go!