A small notice about a new compilation being released by Cold Spring at the end of the year, and containing a new Xenis Emputae Travelling Band track. The track in question is an alternate mix of Elicona. This is the first part of the 15 minute Littlebeck Trisagion, which makes up the latter half of the Three Spirits release coming in early 2013 (- and not to be confused with a track also called Elicona on the Phreo Fram Norþdael mini cd that came with Psychogeographia Ruralis!) This is also the third volume of the Dark Britannica series originated by Mark Coyle, who used to run an excellent wyrd/psych folk website called The Unbroken Circle, back in more innocent times. I wish him well wherever he may be now.

And, speaking of Elicona, Hadean Press have now made my pamphlet The Mirror of Elicona available as Epub and Mobi files. I’m also pleased to say that Hadean have recently published my friend Al Cummins’ The Starry Rubric: Seventeenth Century Astrology and Magic. I believe this is a book version of his MA thesis and I felt very fortunate to be able to look at a proof copy of it a few months ago. Highly recommended, and I know his doctoral work on magic and the emotions is also going to yield wonders!