It’s been fairly busy around here, preparing for the wedding along with research and some fairly demanding teaching has taken up a large portion of time recently.  I am immensely grateful to Layla for taking the lead on the wedding with her brilliant organisational skills when I was often deluged and disorientated by my workload.

However, I’ve found a bit of time to do other things over the last few weeks:

Almias app, credit: Layla Legard

First, I was honoured to be asked to be a guest speaker to students of interaction design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, where Ben Dalton was leading a course on geolocation and mobile media. This was a great opportunity to talk about my work with Simon Bradley, the development of LOAM (more on that presently), Almias, field recording, philosophies for augmented aurality, psychogeography, audio interaction design, foklore and the challenges of recording music outdoors. A very pleasant and relaxed session that saw me come away with some new ideas and perspectives.

XETB – Three Spirits (preliminary artwork)

Next, the 19th XETB album has finally found a home and will be released early in 2013, primarily on professionally duplicated cassette. More details on this as they appear!

This frees up a bit of mental space to begin thinking about the sequel to Almias! I hope to be able to find a bit of funding so that the Almias trio can also enlist an actor or two to help us discover a spectral, (dis)embodied narrative within the Yorkshire Landscape.

Church Field by Layla Legard