Alice Fox is a textile artist who I’ve collaborated with several times in the last few years. She has just completed a period as artist in residence at Spurn Point, creating an impressive number of textile pieces inspired by the landscape.

Textures of Spurn, lighthouse installation

I had the pleasure of recently putting together a presentation from her photographs and from a small selection of field recordings by Nigel Morgan. The sonic element remixes the ‘sounds of Spurn’ with some subtle processing. It  is not intended to accompany the presentation per se: in the gallery context the audio and presentation are not synced, but are intended to run asynchronously. You can see/listen here:

Having completed the residency, Alice is touring the exhibition, starting at the Meeting Room Gallery, South Square, Bradford.

This is the second piece of audio I’ve done for digital photo-frames in a gallery setting – the other one being the electroacoustic rendition of Nigel Morgan’s Sense of Place: Four Seasons for Solo Guitar, as a companion to Jilly Edwards‘ exhibition of the same name at High Cross House.