Trident Books is a small publisher and bindery based in Seattle. Their books are often bound in small batches: in the past this has (unsurprisingly) led to some issues of supply versus demand. Fortunately Trident Titles are now available through a number of independent sellers as well as via eBay as and when they are bound.

At the time of writing, Trident is currently offering 8 copies of the hardbound Tuba Veneris: Libellus Veneri Nigro Sacer, attributed to John Dee. You can get them here for a very reasonable $66 each. This is probably the most complete edition of a text that has fascinated me for at least a decade (I discuss the poetic elements in the essay published in Mandragora). It comprises of a wonderful, appropriate and sensitive translation by Michael Putman, along with the Latin transcription and a facsimile of the original MS, along with other materials including a lengthy (40 page) essay entitled The Magic of the Tuba Veneris penned by… myself.

It’s a beautifully produced and typeset volume, which I am proud to have been involved with. To prove, there are some nice photos by Layla (working in less than perfect conditions) after the break!

I hope you also appreciate my Old Kingdom alabaster jar! I’m hoping to have another book – this time 100% my own work – published by Trident soon. Watch this virtual space!