It was nice to be alerted to this piece on the Active Listener blog in which Grey Malkin from The Hare and the Moon chooses ten desert island discs, amongst them A Prism for Annwn:

This is a perfect album that I will never get bored of; I find something new in it each time I listen to it.

Aw, how nice! It was a highlight for me in all ways (musically, technically, spiritually) too.

Meanwhile, I’ve done a guest blog at Sounding the Deep about working with the ambisonic mix of the performance and editing it down to a ten minute ‘montage’ – read here, or listen below!

I’m also currently doing my second master’s degree at Huddersfield University, looking at the practicalities of combining oral history, sonic art and locative media. I’m very happy to say that a paper with Simon Bradley entitled Located Memory and the Realisation of Place has just been accepted  for the Spaces of (Dis)Location conference at Glasgow University in May!